Best places to visit in Amarpur

A beautiful village in an equally beautiful state, Amarpur is a picturesque and serene place in Tripura. Tripura, a part of the northeastern Seven Sisters, is the third smallest in terms of size and is most populated by tribal communities.

About 19 different tribes have inhabited this state. Despite being a part of modern and independent India, Tripura is considered a huge disadvantage.

It does not have access to any facilities. It still lags behind in economy, education, job opportunities due to its isolated geographical location.

Amarpur is a Bengali-centric town located in Gomti district. It can be reached only by a road passing through the capital Agartala. This popular picnic spot has a lot to offer and show.

Best places to visit in Amarpur


The hill known as Debtamura or Chambimura in the local dialect is known for its stone carving panels on the steep hill wall on the banks of Gomti river.

Images of Lord Shiva, Kartika, Durga and many other gods and goddesses are carved on the face of the Devtamura hill which is covered with thick forests.

Prominent among all the carvings is the sculpture of Goddess Durga in the form of Mahishasuramardini (slayer of Mahishasura, the demon king). Local people worship the statue as Chakraka-ma.

And it is the largest antiquities of Goddess Durga present in the country. The height of the statue of Mahishasurmardi is 11 meters and width is 8 meters. It is famous for its rows of in-rock texts and carvings of various Hindu deities.

Among them, carvings of Shiva, Durga, Mahisasura, Kartika and Vishnu are clearly visible. It is rightly called the ‘Peak of God’.

The walls are steep and have a good deal of 16th century carvings. You can reach here only by boat ride across the river.

Dambur Lake

Spread over about 41 square kilometers, this lake is adorned with 48 islands. water surface. Raima and Sarma rivers flow into this lake.

And this lake is also the origin of the mighty river Gomti called Tirthamukha. The water supply of Gomti river is controlled by hydel dam. A Makar Sankranti fair is held here on 14th January every year.

Bird watching is the most popular activity here, as the trees and forests surrounding the lake provide a natural habitat for migratory and endemic bird species.

It also serves as a beautiful picnic spot. Water sports are also offered for adventure seekers. The name of this lake is derived from the shape of Dambru, the instrument of Lord Shiva.

Amar Sagar Lake and Phatik Sagar Lake

This artificial lake was built in the 16th century by King Amar Manikya Dev Burman during the rule of the Tripuri royal family. This lake is as big as 20 hectares.

On the south bank is the temple of Goddess Mangal Chandi. The lake offers a great view and incredible relaxation for a picnic. There are various places to eat and sit around the lake premises.

Phatik Sagar Lake in Amarpur is another lake of historical importance, which makes a day picnic spot.

Mangal Chandi Temple

On the southern bank of the Amar Sagar lake, there is a temple of Goddess Mangal Chandi. She is the most revered eight-headed goddess. This temple was built during the 15th century by King Amar Manikya Dev Burman.

The architecture evokes both Hindu and Buddhist religious beliefs. Apart from the main deity, the temple also has idols of other deities.

Every year during the Basant Panchami festival in the month of February, a fair is held on the banks of the river, where hundreds of devotees throng for celebrations and rituals.

Jampui Hills

Jampui Hill The Eternal Hills of Jampui are located 250 square meters from Jotala. Halanki is quite far from this city, but the trip will be a great experience as all the hilly people have to go for pleasant weather.

Jampui hills had a large production of Santoro, hence it is also known as “Kashmir of Tripura”. Orange and Tourism Festival is celebrated every November in Tripura.

People come from India and abroad to enjoy the fruit festivals. The orchids and tea gardens in the hills are also a major tourist attraction of Jotala.

The Jampui range is situated at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level and extends along the state of Mizoram. The highest peak is Peak Thaidawar.

Among the 10 small villages here, the Mizo community has the largest population. Agriculture and horticulture are the main bread winners here. The Mizo people have lived here since the 15th century.

The most awaited Orange and Tourism Festival was celebrated here to promote the excellent quality of orange plantations. Elevated points here offer beautiful views of the sunrise and sunset.

Amarpur stands on the ruins of an ancient royal palace. It is diverse in its culture, citizens, tribes, festivals, religion and even its cuisine. It is breath taking and the most scenic and serene place to vacation.

Rajbari National Park

Located in Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajbadi National Park is one of the famous national parks of India. Located in Tripura, the park is spread over 31.63 square kilometers.

This park is very famous all over the country due to its picturesque environment which has become the center of attraction for tourists visiting Tripura.

Various wildlife can be seen here including the world famous Indian Gaud (also called Bison), Deer, Golden Langur, Pheasant, several endemic species.

With the establishment of this reserve, the primary goal is to preserve the bison’s natural habitat and strengthen the laws created to protect them from poaching.

Timing of Rajbadi National Park

10 am to 5 pm

Rajbadi National Park Entry Fee

10 form per person


If Jotala Pass is a tourist spot, Kailashahar is the capital of Bar Tripura Empire and its royal history can be seen here even today.

It is a city’s identity and takes a large part of the identity of the important past, the sign can also go around the city.

Kailashahar is not only famous for its temples, but also a popular training destination. Other attractions in the region include Unakoti, Ranguti, 14 Deity Temple and many more.

Jagannath Bari

Jagannath Temple located in Jotala is one of the most visited temples. It is believed that the idol of Lord Jagannath in the temple was donated by Odisha K Puri to the famous Vishwanath temple.

The structure of the temple is built in Hempanthi and Arabic styles. However, a strong Hindu style influence is now visible in the interior design of the temple. The pillars and walls of the temple depict stories of Lord Krishna.

Best places to visit in Amarpur

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