Kolkata is the capital of the western Indian state of Bengal, located on the east bank of the Hooghly, also known as the “City of Joy”.

Kolkata It is the third most populous metropolis in India after Mumbai and Delhi. Kolkata is the erstwhile British capital of India, a city steeped in a glorious past of fascinating art, amazing architecture and dependent materials.

Kolkata is the birthplace of Industrial Revolution and modern Indian cultural, poetic and Indian independence movement in India. Besides, Kolkata is one of the major destinations in India.

Which is famous for Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, Birla Temple, Marble Palace, Eden Garden and other attractive and religious places. And every few thousands of Indians and foreigners like it.

The diverse confluence of cultures has made Kolkata one of the major tourist destinations in India

History of Kolkata

Located on the eastern bank of the Hooghly, Kolkata was formerly known as Calcutta. In 1756 Siraj-ud-daulah, Nawab of Bengal, occupied Calcutta with us and Calcutta.

And sometime later in 1757 Robert Clive defeated Siraj-ud-daulah in a battle and brought the city of Calcutta under his rule.

India or the first Governor-General Warren Stings called it the seat of the Supreme Court and Supreme Revenue Administrator and made Calcutta the capital of British India in 1772.

After this all important offices were left from Murshidabad to Calcutta. Until 1912, Calcutta was the capital of India and in 1912, the capital of India was changed from Kolkata to Delhi by the British government.

In 1947, when India gained independence and India-Pakistan was partitioned, Calcutta was incorporated and thereafter Calcutta was made the capital of the state of West Bengal.

Best Tourist Places in Kolkata

Kolkata, popularly known as the City of Jana, is full of cakes, temples, parks and other places but here we bring you the 10 most famous and popular tourist spots in Kolkata-

Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial is one of the famous tourist attractions of Kolkata located in the heart of Kolkata.

Made of white marble, the Victoria Memorial was built to commemorate Queen Victoria to celebrate her 25-year reign over India.

eye. The Queen Victoria Memorial is 64 acres of green and surrounded by gardens. The main attraction of the Victoria Memorial is the sixteen-foot tall bronze statue, which is at the top of the picture.

The Queen Victoria Memorial in the evening reflects the times and gracefully while in the evening it is presenting lights and sounds.

The Victoria Memorial is an ideal place to capture the essence of the Victorian era in the modern day world where you can see various ancient relics of the Victorian era.

Fort William

Fort William is located on the eastern bank of the Hooghly River, in the city of Kolkata. Built in the year 1696, the fort was named after King Will Triayam III.

Fort William is a magnificent structure spread over 70.9 acres, decorated with central arched windows. Kolkata has become a major hub for sightseers and history buffs.

and hosts several thousand men of each number. At Fort William some defects were corrected and a new octagon was constructed.

Which involved an inner group, reaching where. This is the reason why it was called ‘Calcutta or Black Hole’. .

Fort William also currently serves as the former command headquarters. If you are planning to go to Kolkata Ghoom then do not miss Fort William Ghoom during your journey.

Howrah Bridge

Kolkata An iconic landmark of the US, the Howrah Bridge is a massive steel bridge over the Hooghly River, one of the largest in the world. The Howrah Bridge, also known as Ko Rabindra Setu, is the Howrah and Kolkata Kolkata.

You have made the Vata Deora Bridge the main thrust of more than 100,000 vehicles and countless, commercial daily traffic. The Howrah Bridge, built over the Hooghly River, is about 1500 feet high and 71 feet wide.

Howrah is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kolkata, along with the highest bridge traffic.

Which has become the center of attraction for many thousands of artists because of its beauty. Where the best of Howrah Bridge can be seen at dusk.

Birla Planetarium

Bidla Constellation is one of the most attractive scenic spots for Kolkata. Which is the largest constellation in Asia and the second largest in the world!

The Kolkata Birla Taramandal located in Anand City was established on 2 July 1963 by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

The Bidla observatory houses an electronics laboratory, an astronomy gallery and a collection of astronomical models. It has become a center of attraction for watchers and science lovers.

Bidla Taramandal regularly hosts several shows to attract the audience which are conducted in Hindi, English, Bengali and other regional languages.

A tour of the show’s Time Planets is a breed of discussion on interesting details about them and other fascinating celestial bodies present in our universe. Where you can find information about planets, celestial bodies and other science related information.

Indian Museum

Named after the ninth best Purana in the world of Indian music, the famous Kolkata-based “City of Joy”, Jisaki Niv was founded in 1814 and has been a center of multidisciplinary activity ever since.

Famous as ‘Jadugar’ Indian music contemporary paintings, sacred relics of Buddhi, Isra mummies and ancient idols, amulets, fossils, skulls, ancient food, bajubandhas and some incredible collections of Tej Mughal paintings are among the best.

which showcases India’s past and is popular with artists and history buffs.

There are 35 chronicles in music, written art, archaeology, anthropology, geology, zoology and economic forestry, and the six chapters are illustrated.

For those curious about history, there is also a library and bookshop available within the labor details. One of the most attractive places in Kolkata for Indian museum lovers as well as history buffs.

Birla Temple

Spread over a vast area of ​​about 130 acres, Birla Temple is one of the famous religious places in Kolkata. The construction of Birla temple was completed after 26 years on 21 February 1996 after the year 1970.

The temple has ten avatars of Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Goddess Durga along with the main deity Radha-Krishna.

Birla Mandir is an important religious center of Kolkata, built by carved white marble, especially for Lord Krishna and Radha.

Khushnuma likes to spend time in happy and cheerful atmosphere. Apart from this, Janmashtami in the temple is celebrated with great fervor and fanfare attended by a large number of devotees.

Alipur Zoo

Alipore Zoo also known as Kolkata Zoo or Zoological Park of Alipore.

Alipore Zoo is the oldest established zoological park in India and is the main attraction of Kolkata. Spread over 46.5 acres, the zoo has been in operation since 1876.

Which owns and attracts a large number of wildlife lovers and enthusiasts.

Alipur Chidiagarh is home to large birds like Royal Bengal Tiger, Elephant, One-horned Rhino, White Tiger, Zebra, Murtagh, Deer, Macaw and Lorikeet, Swinehoe or Pheasant, Lady Mrst or Golden Pheasant, Shuturg, Emu, Hobils.

During the rest of the season, Alipore Zoo also becomes home to some migratory birds like Sura Cranes.

Alipur Chidiaghar is one of the popular places in Kolkata for nature enthusiasts to go for a walk with your kids and family.

Park Street

Park Street is seen as one of the streets of Kolkata. Dev Park Street is the main hangout spot and a popular place along the road in Kolkata.

Park Street is a spot that never sleeps and is always full of hustle and bustle. Park Street has many variations that make it a popular destination and hangout spot.

There is an area of ​​the park, where the 5-star street cause and hotel, night club, mall and many visitors are present. Where tourists can enjoy exotic food and diverse activities.

Park Street is always as smoky as Tehars and the road is particularly attractive to many locals and new artists on Diwali, Christmas and Year’s Eve occasions.

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the popular tourist destinations in Kolkata located in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas.

Spread over an area of ​​216.51 square kilometers, Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the main strongholds for the rare one-horned Indian rhinoceros.

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a variety of flora and fauna. Where the Royal Bengal Tiger, Indian Elephant, Sambhar, Indian Bison and Wild Boar and various animal species are Pai species.

It has become a center of attraction for nature and wildlife lovers as well as watchers. If you are planning to go to Kahi Ghoom in Kolkata with your family friends.

So the Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most popular and attractive places to roam in Kolkata.

Marble Palace

Built in 1835 by Raja Rajendra Mullick, the Marble Palace Hawali is one of the most famous ancient attractions in Kolkata. The architecture of Marble Palace Hawali is amazing and unmistakable.

Marble Palace is considered to be the most secure place because of this style of architecture, which is the main attraction for the visitors. Among the main attractions of the palace, a music is also included.

Various antique furniture and old paintings are presented. And besides, a zoo of various rare birds and animals is established in Marble Palace Hawali.

The Marble Palace has made Kolkata a popular tourist destination for Hawalis and history buffs alike, attracting thousands of Indian and foreign artists of every number.

Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Garden at Shibpur, Howrah, 273 is one of the popular women’s spots in Kolkata, spread over a large area of ​​Ed.

Nivadak Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose is also known as Indian Botanical Garden. In 1787, the Botanical Garden was established by Colonel Kead, then known as the Company Garden.

Botanical gardens are popular for nature lovers to visit the area and enjoy some quiet and peaceful time in nature in the gardens.

The Botanical Garden houses 12,000 living perennials, as well as thousands of plants that have been collected from around the world. And the main attraction of Banyan is the large and extensive banyan pad, going as the Great Banyan Pad.

Apart from this, beautiful orchids and colorful flowers have also become the center of attraction in the garden.

Jain temple

Calcutta Jain Temple It is one of the famous religious places in Kolkata. Char Jain Tirthankara Ko Vishta Mandir is an important faith center for Jain followers.

The Calcutta Jain Temple architecture is adorned with intricate stone carvings and glass work, making it one of the most striking temples in India.

In fact the Calcutta Jain temple is a famous pilgrimage site as well as a famous tourist destination, being a popular destination for devotees and pilgrims and attracting women from all over the world.

Eden Gardens

Near the State Secretariat and the Calcutta High Court, Eden Gardens is a beautiful, well-maintained cricket stadium. It is currently the home ground of IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders and regional Bengal cricket team.

Established by Governor-General Auckland in 1864* spread over 50 acres, this cricket stadium seats about 66,349 and is the second largest cricket stadium in the world.

Eden Guards or Vardhaman Marg leads through giant mahogany, mahogany and banyan pads, making it a peaceful place to watch and enjoy the wonders of nature.

Eden Guards Stadium hosts many sports, but the most important is the cricket stadium which regularly hosts ODI, Test and T20 matches.

Best time to visit Kolkata

If you are planning to move to Kolkata visit the prestigious location to build a West Bungalow.

So we suggest to you that the best time to travel to Kolkata is the spring season and the months between October to February are the best time to travel to Kolkata.

It was time to travel. And at this time various festivals are held in Kolkata and especially the biggest festival Durga Puja is held here which was the biggest puja in Kolkata.

And save Kolkata during summer travel starting from March, the temperature of Kolkata reaches 45 degrees Celsius at this time. Which can hamper your journey to Kolkata.

Where to stay in Kolkata

If you plan to explore the city of Kolkata and its home grounds and explore for a hotel in Kolkata.

So let us tell you that in this complete Kolkata you will find hotels from low-budget semai to high-budget. Jinki you can choose according to your convenience.

Famous food of Kolkata tourism

The local city of Kolkata is best known for its Bengali cuisine, which is becoming a favorite among all visitors. Most Bengali cuisine revolves around rice and fish.

And here apart from Bengali cuisine, one can enjoy English cuisine, Continental, Indian cuisine, South Indian cuisine, Mexican and Italian cuisine in various restaurants of the cities.

You can also give the example of Tibetan cuisine, Momos and Thupa are very popular and widespread. Moreover Kolkata city offers Bengali sweets like Rasgulla, Chamcham, Rasmalai, Shondesh, Cream Shant and other Bengali sweets.

How to reach Kolkata

If you along with your family friends can make a plan to visit the magnificent place of West Bengal Kolkata tour and want to know how we can reach Kolkata. ?

by flight

If you are planning to go to Kolkata by flight then let us tell you that Kolkata is your home base, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Sainik Adda which is located around 20 km from the city or centre.

The Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose range of flights from Kolkata to Kolkata connect all major cities in India as well as several countries in South Asia and Europe.

And after reaching Kolkata airport by flight, you can book a bus, auto, taxi or cab to reach Kolkata from here.

by road

If you have chosen the road route to Kolkata then let us tell you that Kolkata is well connected to West Bengal as well as all the major cities of India by road.

Regular bus services are also available to Kolkata from almost any experience in India. From Delhi, it takes about a day to reach Kolkata, via NH 19.

Buses to surrounding cities like Kharagpur, Haldia etc are also available. You can easily reach Kolkata by traveling by bus, taxi or your private car as per your convenience.

by train

If you want to travel to Kolkata by train then we inform you that Howrah and Sealdah are two main railway stations in Kolkata and they are connected to all major stations for India and is the gateway to India in North-East.

So you can travel by train from the main city of India to Howrah and Seald railway stations. And from railway station auto, taxi cab or other local vehicles can reach your exact location.

Local transport

Kolkata is well connected to other cities by local trains, taxis and cabs. You can also go horse riding or tonga riding around some parts of the city.

So you can travel to popular places in Kolkata by auto, taxi cab or other means of transport.

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