Tripura State Information

Tripura is a North-Eastern state which originated from India’s Jotala. Look and the beauties of Tripura situated in the natural beauty are attracted to them. The art, culture, culture, costumes and folklore of the state of Tripura bring out the beauty of the state.

Tripura is a state rich in natural attractions. The state is beautiful, green with dense forests, crystal springs, mountains and the rich history of the state is truly magnificent.

The beautiful beauty of the state attracts beauties to them. If you are curious to know more about this honest state then read our full article we are talking about all information about Tripura state.

History of Tripura

Tripura has a very rich history. The state was once inhabited by Manikya caste. Due to which Tripura state archaeological structures and structures are seen divided.

The history of the Tripura state dynasty is associated with mythology that details the royal family of Chandrani Rajmala. The state of Tripura has seen different rulers at different times.

It has been under Mughal and other Islamic rulers for a long time.Parts of Tripura state first went under Pakistan which gave rise to secession.

Capital of Tripura

The origin of Tripura state is Jotala.

Historians’ opinion on the name of Tripura

Even today there is no consensus on the origin of the name Tripura. Some historians believe that Tripura is named after the 39th ruling king of Tripura of the Namayati dynasty.

Tripura tribe

Rich in art and culture, the state of Tripura is home to 19 tribes. Here some special tribes like – Bhutia, Channel, Chakma, Garo, Halam, Zamania, USP, Kuki, Lepcha, Lushai, Mog, Munda, Notia, Orange, Rayang, Santal, Tripuri, Utshui etc.

Tripura folk dance

The festival is very important for the residents of Tripura. Different dances are performed by different tribes of Tripura. A major dance here is the Garibi dance, a bihoo dance by the Chakma community.

In addition, Riang community Hojagiri dance and Hallam community’s favorite Hike dance are one of the main attractions here. Lebang Boomni and Lepung Keet are some other main dances.

Festivals of Tripura

The main attraction of Tripura state is the festivals here which are celebrated in a very beautiful way.

Some of the major festivals of Tripura include Gauri Puja, Ashokashtami, Pilak, Kharchi, Niramhal Utsav, Diwali and Holy Kataranti etc. Tourists visiting Tripura love to be a part of Tehra and enjoy the festivities.

Tripura traditional dress

Tripura dresses are very attractive. Risa was a small size dress of clothes Jacqui was designed with an elegant cauldron.

Women here choose to wear the headdress to beat out time to work. Also Tripurani and you wear pearls and siko ni mala around your neck for your elegant look.

Interesting facts about the state of Tripura

  1. Tripura is a major rice producing state.
  2. Located in Tripura, Neer Mahal is an attractive and magnificent palace overlooking the water.
  3. In the state of Tripura, education is absolutely free for a child up to the age of 6-14 years.
  4. Matabari or Tripura Sundari Temple is a more than 500 years old Purana temple located in Tripura.
  5. Beautiful stone carvings of Devamanta are found in Tripura state.

Best tourist attraction in Tripura

Tripura is a very beautiful state and has many sights, beautiful and historical places. Visit these areas of Tripura state to see them from afar.

Ambasa Tripura

Located in Dhalai of Tripura state, Ambasa is an attractive town attracting tourists to it. Go to this city for its beautiful temples and pleasant terminology.

Jungle Thi Ghir allowed this place to become a district in the year 1995. Ambasa is a place with lots of twists and turns among the tourists, but jockeys are more popular.

Ambasa has several gardens, the scenic temple Jain to the Ujjanta temple and Nehramahal temple located in Melagarh are the main ones.

Apart from this Ambasa tourism includes Jagannath Temple, Unakoti, Sipihajala Wildlife Sanctuary, Dumor Jheel, Pilak, Tripurasundari Temple, Chabimura Rosavalli National Park etc.

Rudrasagar lake

Among the attractions of Tripura Rudra Samudra Zil is at a location Joki Sipahijala Zil is located in Melaghar Block.

This picturesque zhil is recognized by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India as a Wetland of National Importance for the conservation and sustainable use of its resources. Nowchera, Kamerli Cherra and Dooralvannaria Nandi form this zhil.

Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary

Trisha’s wildlife sanctuary centers are major attractions included in Tripura tours. Joki is located in South Tripura at a distance of about 111 km from Jotala.

Hulak gibbon (the subcontinent’s only monkey species) is found here in the Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary. A great picnic comes to this place.

Gunabati Group of Temples

Gunabati Group of Temples located in Gomti district of Tripura state was created by Maharani Ginbati, the wife of Joki Maharaj Govinda Manikya. Built in 1668, the architecture of this temple is similar to other temples in Tripura.

Best Time to Visit Tripura

The state of Tripura considers the best time for Ghumna to be between October and May. Manso if travel is saved in tripura trip then well there will be more rain in tripura which can spoil your trip.

Tripura Food

The state of Tripura is very popular for its delicacies. You will get to taste delicious Chinese dishes here.

Even those who are fond of French cuisine should not feel dark and have a taste test. In addition to the abundance of spicy food in Tripura, you can find Tripura or non-tribal Bengali rice clicks, mutton, fish and pork as local food here.

Besides the traditional Chuak Chawal beer, cuthal, papaya and pork meat and the famous Mosdeng Verma is a Tripuri chutney prepared with jacki baram, red chillies, garlic and tomato.

Where to stay in Tripura

People in Tripura state ghoom say that there are many good hotels where men can get decent prices. You can choose the hotel as per your requirement.

  1. Gitanjali Tourism Guest House (Gitanjali Tourism Guest House)
  2. Sagarmahal Tourist Lodge (Sagarmahal Tourist Lodge)
  3. Gomti Yatri Niwas (Gomti Yatri Niwas)
  4. Hotel Sonar Tori (Hotel Sonar Tori)
  5. Hotel Somraj Regency (Hotel Somraj Regency)

How to reach Tripura

One can choose between flight, train and bus to travel around the state of Tripura.

by flight

If you have chosen the option of air for traveling to Tripura state then let us know if you are by air Adda is the main airport of Tripura Joki is located about 12 km from the center of the state capital Jotla.

by train

Kumarghat Railway Station (Kumarghat Railway Station) is the main road to Tripura by rail Joki Joki Jotla is located at a distance of about 133 km from the center for the city.

Kumarghat railway station is connected to major cities of Tripura and other states like Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore etc.

by bus

If you have selected the road route for Tripura State Ghooman then let us know that Guwahati to Shillong national highway number 44 which is connected through Tripura road.

You can easily reach Tripura by bus, taxi, jeep and your private vehicles.

Tripura State Information

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