Udaipur (Tripura) tourist destinations

A small state in the North East of our country, Tripura is not only rich in heritage and culture but also rich in beautiful landscape and natural beauty. It is a thriving tourist destination as it offers many unique and beautiful places to visit.

Udaipur is a town in Gomti district of Tripura. It serves as its headquarters and is the third largest city of the state. River Gumti flows through the heart of the city, providing all its resources for the well-being of the citizens. Udaipur offers many lakes, temples and other places for tourists. The best of them are mentioned below.

Udaipur tourist spots

Tripura Sundari Temple

Tripura Sundari Mandir is a beautiful temple located in Vikaspur about 55 sq km from Tripura or Jotala. This magnificent temple is 500 years old.

Temple 51 Shakti present in Udaipur district is one of those pithas and is the place where Sati’s right toe fell. Because of its history and beauty, you come here for year-round darshan at this majestic temple.

It also says that Lord Vishnu made crisis in Sati Ko 51 piece from your sudarshan chakra and his limb from where he goes in the form of Shakti.

An interesting fact about the glorious temple is that it is the size of a tortoise and also goes by the name Kurma Peetha. Built in 1501, the Kali Ka Temple is a place where pilgrims offer animal sacrifices.

Devotees come here during the Deepavali festival (October/November) to bathe in the fish-filled tank at the temple. Tripura Sundari Temple is believed to be one of the holiest Hindu temples in the country.

It also goes by the name of Matbari. This magnificent temple is the most attractive tourist destination, where central devotees come daily.

Legend has it that Lord Vishnu’s right foot fell on this spot when he dissolved the human body of Lady Sati. This temple was built 500 years ago, in the early 15th century by Maharaj Dhanya Manikya Devji.

Tripura Sundari is none other than Kali Devi. During the festival of Diwali, a huge fair takes place on the hill, where devotees from all over the country come to seek blessings and enjoy it.

The inner temple resembles the shape of a turtle’s hump. Animal sacrifice was a popular practice here.

Bijoy Sagar Lake

One of the most famous and largest lakes in Udaipur, this lake is 750 meters long. Bijoy Sagar Lake is also known as Mahadev Dighi.

The lake serves citizens for washing clothes, bathing and fishing as well as dumping waste. This is the only reason why the water quality is deteriorating and hence, the lake is no longer clean.

The area around the lake has become densely populated over the years. The lake can be visited at any time of the year.

Tapania Eco Park

Spread over an area of ​​155 hectares, this ecology park was built in the year 1995. It is located 5 km from Udaipur. The magnificent tree house inside is popular with children and adults alike.

The famous orchidarium has about 200 varieties of orchids. Next to Cactus House there are 250 variants. Apart from this, various flowers, trees, reptiles, monkeys and birds can also be seen around the forest reserve.

The main attraction is that it is built within the Radha Kishorepur Reserve Sanctuary. Tapania Eco Park is a beautiful way to spend a day in a relaxing environment.

Nazrul Granthghar

Nazrul Granthghar is the National Library of Udaipur. It is named after the revered Bengali poet Kazi Nazrul Islam.

The national poet of Bangladesh, he is also an acclaimed writer, musician and revolutionary figure. He was a figure who stood against social injustice and political revolution.

This library was built in the year 1954 during the reign of the Manikya royal family. Most of Qazi Nazrul’s work is stored here. Apart from that, thousands of fiction and non-fiction books can be read here.

Students, scholars and anyone who wants to gain knowledge of the pre-independence and imperial realms of India can visit here. As of today, around 75,000 books are present in this huge library.

Nir Mahal

The Lake Palace and Niramhal of Tripura is the largest palace in the entire Indian continent. This is one of the two water palaces in our country.

The palace is the result of the noble vision of former royal palace Raja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Bahadur. A summer palace for that king and his family.

Even today, the highly ornate structure reflects the glorious past. Built in the year 1938, Neer Mahal is situated in the middle of the Rudrasagar Lake. It was built by Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore.

This lake palace was used as a summer residence for the royal family. With 24 rooms, two wings and two grand staircases, the magnificence of the place resembles both Hindu and Mughal architectural traces.

Martin and Burns Company was commissioned to build this 5.3 square kilometer mansion. Tourists can reach the site by taking a boat ride across the lake, just like the royals used to do.

A light and sound show also goes on in the evening in Niramhal. Moreover, sports equity is also a race here. A water festival is also held in the palace every year.

People are now in a big crowd at the palace to take part in the Navka Run organized by the Mandal. So, whenever you visit Dothala, don’t miss a pilgrimage to this palace. During the pilgrimage to this palace, you can also do Naam Sawar.

You can reach the palace only by taking a boat ride through Rudrasagar Jil. Udaipur has many artificial lakes, which makes it known as ‘Lake City’.

It is also a religious place and one of the most profitable tourist destinations in Tripura. Being the capital of Tripura in ancient times, this town started to gain importance.

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