Will there be a new episode of Yellowstone season 5 tonight, March 5?

Is tonight's premiere of Yellowstone season 5 on the Paramount Network? March used to be regarded as a crucial month for this show.

Sadly, this is where we must remind you of a very basic fact: Plans can change, and they have here. 

 The remaining episodes of season 5 were scheduled to begin filming in March, however as of right now, there is hardly any discussion about this at all. 

The show doesn't have any new episodes tonight, and it might be more than six months before we see it again.

Conflicts with scheduling appear to be the cause of the filming delay. We are aware that there are different reports regarding the number of days Kevin Costner is willing to labour, and we sincerely wish that the situation could be clarified. 

In due course, might there be? Yes, but we can't just sit here and act like everything is crystal clear right now.

What we can say is that we do expect a schedule resolution to be announced over the course of the upcoming weeks. 

 We believe there is more pressure to release additional material fast because everything has been so public at this point.